The KWHLB Commiteee is made up volunteers from the community including members of both the Kitchener Minor Baseball Association (KMBA) and Waterloo Minor Baseball Association (WMBA) boards.  Each committee member takes on a variety of tasks, based on their skills and experience to ensure the success of the league.


Janet Dupuis

Lori Lewis,

Kim Taylor,

Committee Chair

Tammy Cumming, VP House League, WMBA Board Member

Committee Members

Joel Cumming, Technology Lead, KWHLB Coach

Rob MacLachlan, KWHLB Convenor,KMBA Select Director

Marcus Horea, President, KMBA President

Ken Schilling,  KWHLB Equipment Manager, KMBA Coach

Mark Schram, President, WMBA

Craig Markham,  KWHLB Committee Member, Coach

Keith Thompson,KWHLB Committee Member

Jordan Thompson, KWHLB  Convenor

Carol Sitko, KWHLB Committee Member


Each year 9 committed convenors support our volunteer coaches and the committee to implement a successful season.

What to volunteer?

If you are interested in a volunteer role on the commitee and/or convening a division, please contact