Guidelines for Baseball during the COVID-19 Pandemic

These guidelines are supported by the Return to Sport Protocols (need to register) provided to us by Baseball Ontario in response to the pandemic.  All rules are subject to change, as rules may change over time, any and all rules within the Return to Play Procedures overrules the rules outlined on this page.  

The following websites can also serve as a resource to coaches, parents/guardians, umpires, players and other volunteers.

Baseball Ontario Rules (

Inter County Baseball Association (ICBA) Rules (

If you require additional information, please feel free to contact a representative within KWHLB. Contact  

Participation in baseball during the 2021 season follows additional procedures and protocols as outlined by Baseball Ontario and the Government of Ontario.  A quick summary of the the expectations for coaches and families is summarized below based on information shared last season.  These rules may change depending on Government Guidelines.

Summary of Expectations for Coaches

  • It is imperative to follow the infection control rules outlined here and in the Return to Sport document to ensure players, parents and other family members remain comfortable throughout the season.
  • Baseball Ontario video for coaches may be helpful:
  • Players cannot be involved in any cleaning or sanitizing of equipment or surfaces.
  • Players are not allowed to hangout in dugouts or on benches and must bring their own chair and sit at least 6 feet apart when not on the field.
  • Game balls are not to be touched or handled by spectators.  If a spectator touches a ball, the ball is removed from play and must be sanitized before use at a future game/practice.
  • Equipment (bats, catchers equipment, etc) is not to be shared by players unless sanitized between used.

Summary of Expectations for Parents

  • It is imperative that parents support the coaching team to ensure their child is social distancing, sanitizing their hands and respecting the infection control procedures.
  • Players are not allowed to hangout in dugouts or on benches and parents are asked to ensure their player brings their own chair and station themselves 6 feet apart from each 
  • Players are to bring hand sanitizer to use frequently throughout practices and games (ideally sanitizing hands every 30 minutes).
  • Please ensure you sit 6 feet apart from other spectators not in your social circle.
  • Refrain from touching balls that come out of play.
  • Bat will not be provided by the league this season.  Click here if you are needing financial support to purchase equipment.